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Mid Season Report Card

I'm a little late on this but the second half of the season has only just started. Time for a little report card of the Spirit players so far.

A+: Vincent Trocheck- What can I say. The man does it all.
Eric Locke- Most improved player so far this year. Filling in Shalla's spot nicely.
Nick Moutrey- Developing an offensive game much faster than many thought
Garret Ross- Grit and scoring, a nice combo
Dalton Young- Fluid puck handler that is growing his defensive game quickly

A: Brandon Prophet- Best defensive prospect since T.J. Brodie
Justin Kea- Has made a habbit of scoring clutch goals
Dlyan Sadowy- Not much in scoring but love the effort he brings
Jason Shaw- Has filled in for Strong very well so far

B: Jake Pateson- Stats slightly underwhelming but injuries to D has played a part
Jimmy Lodge- Growing as skater but needs to improve his plus/minus
Grant Webermin- When healthy he can be a top two guy for us
Steven Strong- Same idea as Webermin
Andrey Alexeev- So glimpses of great puck handling now and then

C+: Brandon Lindberg- Solid play as a rookie so far
Nikita Serebryakov- Needs to work on rebound control badly
David Perklin- Throws a nice hit in now and then, work on offense
Jacob Ringuette- Brad Walch style defender, not much flash

C-: Jeremiah Addison- Knocked off the puck easily but will gain toughness later
Terry Trafford- Had one nice run, but has stagnated in his third year

D: Greg Sutch- Has some size but nothing else
Ramon Lopez- Hasn't shown any growth as a player this year
Marselis Subban- Turnover machine

I: Brandon Archibald- Really feel bad for him getting a season ending injury as OA
Nathan Glass- Haven't seen enough of him to comment

Well that covers it. Here's hoping for a strong and healthy second half. GO SPIRIT!!!

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