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12-30-2012, 06:24 PM
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Mark Scheifele (2011 7th overall - Jets)

There's only one other thread dedicated to him and it is genuinely prehistoric, so I thought to start a new one.

I'm curious as to what non-jets fans think of him. He's finally getting the exposure he deserves with playing in the WJC on the top Canadian line.

To me his best skills are puck distribution and his positioning without the puck. If you watch him in the offensive zone without the puck, he always makes himself available to whoever has the puck. His defensive play is also outstanding, he will constantly plug holes when the D is drawn out of position.

He also has a good under rated and under used shot.

His negatives are his skating, although that has improved. He is also a little lanky, but has put on some weight. Needs to keep filling out. I would say his worst negative is he relaxes a little too much when the play is over, I've seen this in every single game I've watched him. Especially during line changes, an opposing player will "accidently" clip him and down he goes. If he doesn't get rid of this habit it could lead to serious injuries. He was clipped during a Jets pre-season game after the play and went head first into the boards.

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