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12-30-2012, 06:39 PM
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Wow, so weak Florida.

Yesterday you were playing FIFA for several hours, I messaged you several times and you told me you could only get the game in tomo (despite being on for a good chunk of time after). I said I wouldn't have a lot of time tomo, but that we'd try and make it work.

So today I get on, I've got 20 mins which I specifically told you as I'm going to a party in a bit here, I see you on so I send you an invite. You say you'll "play in 5-10 minutes after you finish your FIFA game". So I sit there waiting for you to finish. And what happens? You just go ahead and start another damn FIFA game.

Soo weak man, I dont have any more time tonight as I'm just about to head out, and I work all day tomo and then will be heading out for NYE.

Don't tell someone you're going to play, string them along so they waste their damn time, and then bail.

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