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Originally Posted by MISC View Post
Luongo AINEC

* Assuming this is our one chance to not get that whole 'if the contract it longer than 7 years the cap hit returns to the original team once th eplayer retires even if he is traded blah blah..'
$40M remaining on the contract and it's very very far away from happening. If the number is 2/3rd's then that's 27 million straight out of the owners pocket to buy out a guy he likes who will likely immediately go out and get signed to something like a 3-5 year deal for $6-7M per year.

I don't think our owners pockets are that deep. It remains to be seen if the NHL will actually go through with making the original team carry the cap hit if a player retires, but losing the cap space in 2020 something for 2-3 years isn't that big a deal. There are teams in worse cap situations today, like Montreal and Gomez.

DiPietro is pretty much in the same situation dollar wise, may be a bit too expensive to simply buy out. It's not guaranteed but the better gamble would be to hold onto him and hope he retires voluntarily. In my opinion many fans don't really have a good grasp of the value of $$$ within the NHL's cap system, where one team/owner is basically exchanging cash for something like a draft pick. Granted it doesn't happen very often, but the few times it has the rate was something like $4-7M for a late 1st round pick. Vladamir Malakhov from NJ to SJ is one, and I think there was one more but can't recall who it was.

Either way, it gets to the point where realistically it becomes to expensive for a team like the Islanders to sell off DiPietro. While many fans would do it in a second no owner is going to take that contract for a mid-late first, so in the end it's best for the Isles to simply hold onto him and hope he retires.

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