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12-30-2012, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Chacal667 View Post
I'm from montreal so ive seen a lot of sens games
All due respect, but care to put a number on it? Because I'm sure its a far cry from way over 200 that I've seen (and not saying that you said this, but highlights on Sportscentre don't count, I'm talking full games here).

Originally Posted by Sens Rule View Post
Anderson was amazing in the series vs the Rangers as well. Which is the point. Lundqvist is among the very, very best goalies in the NHL. But the difference between top 3 and say 15th or 20th in Anderson is not really that large for goalies.

I think the idea of trading Tavares is asinine. But just saying I think he has a lot more value then any current goalie does. There are more goalies available that can play close to Lundqvist's level then there are Centres that are at Tavares level.

It is funny as an Ottawa fan because we waited sooooo long to have a true #1 like Anderson... now we have Lehner who looks like he can be a #1 too. Goalies are such a crap shoot... and having a consistently great one like Lundqvist is amazing. But he is still more replaceable. He is not Hasek in his prime or something.
I agree with all this, and that's really what I was saying, is that the whole Sens team, Anderson included, played so well, that if Henrik hadn't played out of his mind, the series would have ended very differently.

Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
From my limited viewing he is borderline good but nothing great. As somebody else pointed out his speed helps him alot to cover mistakes. Personally I think the best skill though Karlson impresses me with(more then points since that can be the product of his team) is his ability to get the puck out of his own zone whether it be passing it or carrying it out himself in heavy traffic.

All that being said I can't wait to see how he does this season when teams develop gameplan around him. I am guessing his states drop a bit(although not to the degree of Green) but he becomes a consistent 60+ point guy
I agree with a lot of this, I would say he becomes a regular 60 - 70 point guy, something not many Dmen do even once. However, bear in mind as the team around him gets better and better, so will his numbers, which is a pretty scary thought for the rest of the league. Also, he will only be 21 or 22 the next time he suits up for an NHL game, and he will only get even better (again, scary thought for any NHL fan of the other 29 teams).

Originally Posted by Wanderson View Post
Haha. No, the Isles will never trade Tavares. If they would, the Sens needs to offer Karlsson+.

... and Zibanejad is a bust. Omark2.
I love JT, I really do, but in the incredibly unlikely even that these 2 are ever traded, let alone for each other, the Sens aren't adding a thing to EK for JT, unless its a salary dump.

As for Zibanejad (props for being one of the few to actually spell his name right, btw), based on what are you calling him a bust? 9 NHL games? The fact that he's not tearing up the AHL as a 19 year old? How about we let him, you know, make it out of his teens before calling him a bust? kthxbye.

Originally Posted by Chacal667 View Post
Karlsson is great offensively but, he is very ordinary defensively, as a defenseman I think that's a big void.

Mike Green already had 2 season of 70 pts, do you value him better than Tavares ?[/QUOTE]

Try watching 200+ games of Karlsson as I have before you spout the grossly inaccurate stereotype that he's bad/ordinary defensively. People that don't watch him see all those points, and the fact that he's only 21, and assume that he's bad defensively, a link I have yet to be able to understand. Remember, defensemen that are bad/ordinary defensively don't win the premier award for a Dman, the Norris. Which, by the way, is voted on by people that know a lot more about hockey and watch a lot more of it than any of us here.

Damn you beat me too it!
Mike Green had the likes of OV, Semin, etc around him. Karlsson has Spezza and not much else, certainly not an Ovechkin.

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