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12-30-2012, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
If you chat on the JETS board you have to expect JETS bias. If you don't want that, that is what the global boards are for.

This is a safe haven for people to be fanboys if they so wish. You don't have to like it but please respect it.
But the main boards are scary ...

Plus there's always me to be the debbie downer around here

Also @Paradise and everyone, I posted my draft list and I have many strong opinions...I encourage anyone to save a particular quote from me or search old quotes to see if I'm right or wrong I love looking back, right or wrong. That's part of the fun! I'm always looking back at my old posts seeing what I was right or wrong did I ever hate the Scuderi signing in LA at the time...funny how things change (one of my personal favourites now and view him as an absolute steal...)

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