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12-30-2012, 07:27 PM
It's gotta be true.
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Originally Posted by zjh View Post
Yes. He is very smart on the ice with really good offensive tools. Skating isn't pretty. Bit weak defensively. A worse skating version on Michael St. Croix. Perimeter players with tons of skill, but there games might not translate at the next level.

Forsberg could be a really good WHL player if put in the right situation. I could see him going to PA.
Good post. I watched Forsberg play bantam and midget and you pretty much summed his play and my concerns at the time for his development in the dub. Nevertheless, with the right team, i can see him putting up monster points later in his career.

As for the trade demand, i'm not sure why everyone seems to have their collective panties in a knot. The dub is a business (one, i might add, that makes a lot of money off of 16 and 17 year old kids). For the most part, franchises are owned and run by multi-millionaire owners with a lot of life experience. They take the risk when they decide to draft a player. A drafted player takes a risk when he agrees to sign with that team. A team can trade a player for any reason at all. Any reason. And a player can...suck it up and stick it out? Because he's supposed to be a martyr to a flawed economic system? Perhaps instead of pointing fingers at a 17 year old kid one might instead look to the brilliance of locating a franchise in the middle of nowhere and then hiring a dismal management team. Just a thought.

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