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12-30-2012, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
LOLwut? He pump faked it the first time, looked to his left raised his arms for a throw but he saw no receiver and was hit while his arm was in forward position before he could tuck it in again.

It was an arguable call that could have went both ways, to be honest. I could see the Texans arguing that there was no receiver there so where's he throwing it.

Either way, Texans have been playing horribad while Colts have come to play.
"Raised his arms" is not forward motion.

Anyways, I'm actually shocked to say this, but I'm really glad the Texans lost. There's no way that squeezing a win against the Colts would prepare them for facing a top team after a FULL BYE WEEK. No way. Not in a million years. Right now, the Texans have little hope, but they DO have a chance to regain momentum IF they can beat the Bengals. Not just beating them, but playing like Week 10 Texans...

I'm not giving up on this team. There's no way they could beat the Patriots or Broncos on the road right now, but I won't give up hope if they can regain form against the Bengals, which is entirely possible considering they're playing at Reliant. Here's the key to the Texans winning the Superbowl, presented by Maxwell House (good to the last drop):

Matt Schaub Needs to be a Top 10 QB
In any given week, Matt Schaub can either be someone who gets the 2nd most passing yards in a single game ALL TIME, or can look like a fringe starter/backup. In the past month, he belongs in talks with Sanchez, etc. Earlier, he looked like a Top 10 QB that was in the group with Flacco, Ryan, Romo. Schaub never looks like he has emotion like people like Watt do. He's got to gain the respect of his players, which he DOES have, but it needs to be stronger.

Arian Foster needs to stop sucking
He sucked this month. Stats haven't been bad, but he has. Him and Tate need to get back to their last years form, where both eclipsed 1000 yards. He also needs to get more catches.

Pass Defence
Two years ago, the Texans had the worst pass defence in the NFL. Last year, they had a Top 5 pass defense. The first half of this year, they had a top 5 pass defence. Lately, they've played A LOT like the 2010 team.

Replace Cushing
Cushing is REALLY being missed, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY missed. So yeah, James has done a pretty good job but playing a 3-4 means they need TWO MLB's.

The Texans can beat the Broncos, even on the road. They've already done it. And for as much doubt that I have in their ability to beat the Pats, they can do it. Not likely necessarily, but the Pats haven't really been on fire of late either. Also, anyone who has watched the NFL knows that teams off the bye week in the playoffs are by no means a guarantee.

All in all, the Texans aren't a team that should be predicted to win the Superbowl, but they do have the SKILL to. They just need to click. And quickly.

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