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12-30-2012, 08:45 PM
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Reposting so people see this, because posters often claim that NHLs problem is with revenue sharing.

Revenue sharing isn't the problem. In relation to revenues NHL shares about the same as MLB and NBA.

NHL have agreed to at least $200M/year (it may be $220M) in revenue sharing. Let's say 15 teams get it. That means every team gets $13.3M/year. Realistically some will get less meaning some will get more. Assuming revenue stays the same it's at least 6% of revenue.

Meanwhile in NBA the most a team can get is $16M/year. How is that so different to NHL?

In baseball, $400M is shared from rich to poor teams. Total revenue for the league was $7.5B. That's 5.5% of revenue.

Can we please, with sugar on top, stop with the myth that NHL revenue shares much less than the other leagues? The only league that does revenue share significantly more is the NFL and they have so much in television revenue they can shower the teams in money and still be fine.

There is a reason NHLPA hasn't said a word about revenue sharing in months. They have agreed on revenue sharing on a reasonable level.

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