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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Of course, but it was Angelo who had the final say, and in the reguard, his track record as a GM has done more to hamper the Bears future then Lovie. Lovie was a defensive coach, and later round picks, Like Peanut, Briggs, etc, were stellar. I highly doubt Angelo gave Lovie full control over first round pick choice when it was Angelos reputation/ job on the line and to think otherwise is just hating on Lovie for the sake of hating. Angelo has a history of falling in love with certain players and taking them reguardless if there is a better player on the board, like the guy who could jump out of a pool and Williams. Sorry, that isnt Lovie.

Tice isnt bad and look at what Martz had to work with. For Matrz's system to work he needed his type of player and he just didnt have it here while he tried to make Hester a WR and failed because the guy just doesnt have the intelligence to be one.

Again, look at what he has to work with. Scrubs for an O-line arent gonna turn into PB'ers with proper coaching. They might get a bit better, but they sure arent gonna be world beaters when they are average to mediocre in the first place. You cant turn chicken crap into chicken salad when your skill set says you are steaming chicken crap.

And on that note, your not gonna be anything but mediocre if you reach on draft picks or draft injured players with valuble first round picks and trade away first rounders and use what you have left on pure garbage, which Angelo did.

The leagues changed. Its not Lovies fault he was given crap to work with.

I mean seriously, does this team need yet another OC coaching change when the biggest problem this team has is an uneffective Offensive line?
lovie and tice have been saying the oline was fine. it doesn't take 9 years to turn an offense around either. he has no clue about that side of the ball. and finally, the Martz system doesn't work anymore, exact reason i wouldn't hire norv turner or cam cameron and their similar offenses. it takes to much creativity away from qb and relies on passing plays that often take too long to develop.

and saying tice is fine is a joke.

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