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12-11-2003, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Darz
Phhh.......whose ever heard of a lucky sweater, or a lucky hat. Those things are just meaningless little posessions that people attach a 'lucky' tag to. They truthfully have no powers. What we are talking about in THIS case is a pretzel that kinda looks like the habs logo.

It has been foretold about for a long time. I remember watching an old Dick Irvin Sr. interview where he spoke about the coming of a salted snack in the shape of the habs logo, I believe Howie Morenz's last words were 'Find the pretzel', Aurel Joliat was overheard saying he hoped he could live long enough to get a chance to see the sacred pretzel.

I recall after the '93 cup win the Rocket stating there would be no more Cup wins until the pretzel was found and it's security was to be the habs fans greatest challenge, as without the salty grail all would be lost. He spoke of a dark era (Houle) followed by a slow rise again to glory. He also spoke of a dark presents that would arise after the finding of the preztel and that it would take over the weaker hab fans and turn them against the pretzel.

The words 'To you from failing hands we throw' is about the passage of the pretzel. If we fail, we not only spiral the habs franchise into doom, we let down all hab fans past and present.

Oh learned one, see if you can figure out what this refers to :


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