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12-30-2012, 10:56 PM
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Its true that the MLB and NHL are very different (salary cap, pick trading, contract lengths, years of control, etc.) and that makes it harder to make drastic moves (which all the more underscores the importance of a proper build in the NHL) but that shouldn't overshadow the large gap that separates AA from BB.

AA built up the farm in such a manner that the league actually changed the rules (and most likely because of him and things like the Olivo trade). He's widely considered a top exec in the league for the moves he's made; would anyone honestly say that BB is a top exec in the league based on his performance?

A lot of it has to do with talent evaluation.
AA has been as good as can be expected (no one is perfect: trading Napoli, having Cordero, etc.) and choose the right moment in time to make the surge to the top to propel the Jays to World series favourite. He also thought he could get by on his prospects but saw how they underperformed and saw it best to trade for current talent.
BB overestimated his team's ability and made decisions accordingly, never really allowing for a proper rebuild.
BB is definitely no Colangelo but he's not on AA's level either.

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