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12-30-2012, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Bring_Bak_Damphousse View Post
I put snow tires on my wifes Pontiac Pursuit, but didn't bother when we replaced it with a Chevy Colorado. As for my truck, I don't typically drive it when it's ****** out, so I obviously don't have snow tires on it, but it does have a solid set of tires so I'm usually alright. They make a huge difference though, knowing how to drive in the winter is all well and good, but when the **** hits the fan it's scary how little control you actually have over your vehicle.
Yeap, that's totally correct..

To one of the posters above who said that driving skill matters more (I agree in some ways) what do you think would happen if you're in a rear wheel drive vehicle climbing a steep grade? If all the other cars/trucks kept a safe distance, but you started spinning out because you couldn't get grip... Now we have a row of vehicles slowing down and trying to stop on an incline, with icy roads! You'd be in a bad spot my friend, and you'd put the others behind you in a precarious situation.

The situation I'm describing, happened to me last week. Buddy who was leading the pack with all-seasons ended up driving into the ditch on purpose. A couple of us got out and made sure help was on the way. Guy was a mid-60's truck driver, driving his daughters car...

Winter tires are a major help, especially in my neck of the woods!

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