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12-30-2012, 11:05 PM
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Dumping on that defense seems pretty silly at this point. Regardless of the actual yards, they kept it close the entire game, and the players missing from that lineup or playing with significant injuries is not something to scoff at.

The game was 14-7 at the start of the 4th quarter, and that defense was getting abused with starting field position of the Redskins offense. Those guys did an admirable job, and don't deserve any blame IMO for the final touchdown after Romo's 3rd pick. The NBC crew was talking about all of those players in Dallas lineup recently coming off the streets for a reason. That was a ragtag group of players held together with duct tape and bubblegum.

Romo ... I don't really have the disdain piqued seems to have. If we're being honest, the only reason that team was in a position for a Week 17 win-and-in game was Romo's amazing December. However, you can't just overlook or deny the fact that once again when it really mattered, Romo made major mistakes that directly resulted in a loss. I like the guy, I want him to succeed, and he's honestly fun to watch most Sundays ........ we can't keep denying or ignoring the fact he's 1-6 in elimination games.

He's a good quarterback, but he's not going to be the star player carrying his team to a championship.

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