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Originally Posted by checkmate3 View Post
You must not be as familiar with Greenway as you think. Him and McDavid?? Not exactly the combo Erie would put together. Konecny and McDavid for sure. As for a comparison between Bennett and Greenway..not even close which if you knew Greenway, you would not have made that analogy. Also, Spencer is by far a good D, but there's better as in Lizotte. Has all the qualities that the teams look for besides the fact that his brother is already playing in the O. Spencer needs improving on decision making and passing the puck forward versus rushing it at every opportunity which he wwill not be doing once in the O. Werenski is the only D capable of playing in the O right now, however, Lizotte and Henley all show similarities in their style of play. Reading the play is key for these teams which Henley and Werenski as well as Lizotte do superbly. Again, Spencer will not be a 3rd overall pick. I appreciate your opinion as I'm sure you value mine and all will be revealed come April2013. But Spencer a #3 pick, forget it and Henley has just been rumoured to be on the same train as Werenski. Werenski has the size over Spencer and Henley.
I like Lizotte, but he needs alot of coaching and is nowhere close to the top 5 in the draft. As I mentioned before, he was school'd twice in the same period by inferior forwards behind the net, that led to goals. He is not calm out there and seems like he is always scrambling.

Henley has the speed, vision and size, to be a star, and I agree he should be a top 10 pick.

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