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Originally Posted by DrStrangelife View Post
With a population barely above 2 million and a population which is decreasing, Yes, it seems we might have reached the ceiling, but I doubt there was ever a point to think about u20 in this way. Our main focus was, is and will always be the WC and the Olympics.

Despite how talented you think Bukarts is, the only reason why we have a 16 year old in U20 is because we lack enough junior players to replace him. One year we might be able to combine a solid offensive 1st and 2nd line, but no defense at all; then maybe in 5 years we can have a good defense but almost nothing good on our offense. To think that we could in a near future have a solid offensive/ defensive team which with skill and not by luck could reach 1/4 is very unlikely. It's something we shouldn't even dream about.

I think our development system has improved over the years, but the fact that we have someone like Tambijevs as our head coach for u20 alone proofs that things aren't as good as they should be. But having a good development system wouldn't change the fact how small our population is. Having the best development system in the world won't be enough to reach 1/4 finals if we don't have enough players to choose from.
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