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Originally Posted by ContrarianGoaltender View Post

I actually agree with MadArcand that comparing Roberto Luongo to Ed Giacomin could be considered an insult, I just think that the guy who should be insulted is not Giacomin but Luongo. And not just Luongo but pretty much every other goalie who played in the NHL in the last decade. Roberto Luongo has a very strong case to be the #2 goalie of the 2000-2009 decade(*). Unless you're going pretty much solely based on peak value and/or playoff performance, I think Brodeur and Luongo separate pretty clearly from the rest of the pack over that span, especially in terms of overall achievement. And yet we're going to say that the #2 goalie of the 2000-2009 decade is worse than the, what, #5 or #6 goalie of the 1970s who had better teammates, a shorter prime and fewer career games played than Luongo? How does that make sense?

(*)-If you want to argue that Luongo wasn't the second-best goalie from 2000 to 2009 then go ahead and make the argument, but I'd still like to know whether you would be planning to vote that guy this round (if available), or if you'd still end up ranking him behind the 10th best guy from the original six or 1970s.
I have to agree, with certain reservations though...

- 2000 to 2009 is incredibly favorable to Luongo. Kiprussof, Lundqvist, Thomas, Turco, and even Joseph can't really be considered, due to not-playing or being post-prime. I don't think anybody had Turco, Theodore, Bulin and Vokoun above Luongo -- 2nd in that span is certainly interesting, but years are slanted to take out of some of his most serious competition (most notably, Thomas and Lundqvist).

- Vachon didn't had better teammates than Luongo as a whole, unless you give A LOT of importance to his stint as a Hab.

- Giacomin had bad playoffs... but he ended up being pretty decent in the end when his career was over. Might have cost a few series to his team... that they probably should never have won anyways. A lot like Luongo.

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