Thread: Proposal: Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel
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12-31-2012, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
This is relevant but not the whole point. Toronto wouldn't have made that trade if they knew they were coughing up Seguin and Hamilton.

Am I crazy for thinking that Scheifele is looking like nothing more than a decent second line player in the NHL?

All those Leafs fans out there know how I love to bag on Kessel, but this deal doesn't make the slightest amount of sense even if Toronto wants to go back to the drawing board and go into a rebuild.

Even if Toronto did want to blow things up again and go into rebuild mode... regardless of how much time is left on Kessel's contract or his level of interest in signing a long term contract to sign with the Jets, at least one of those second rounders would have to be changed into a 1st rounder.

Given how the Jets would have to have one hell of an epic fail of a season to even end up in 10th position, I wouldn't be surprised if Leafs fans laughed at the deal if the 2 2nd rounders were in fact 1st rounders.
Regardless?? Not only is it not regardless, it's the entire point from the Winnipeg point of view.

How has it not sunk in to the posters who stop in for a "lol" post, that not one Jet fan has said that Scheifele is worth more than Kessel now, but that the deal makes no sense for the Jets because they are not giving up significant assets for a player with one year left on his deal?

Thadd, would you jump at the chance to trade one of your freshly drafted players, who you would have for 7 years for 1 guaranteed year of Kessel? Or in your opinion, you would be ok with trading the young draftee, and multiple 1st round picks for the 1 year?

Leaf fans who are flying by, and not reading all the posts, would you be ok with trading Rielly for someone you only have guaranteed control over for 1 year?

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