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12-31-2012, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
I think RNH has maybe played on international ice all of once before. As a 17 year old, yes?

For the most part I'm reserving judgment on his play me...the tournament started vs USA. Everything prior to that was appetizers. Therefore we have ONE truly relevant game to examine at this point. And that in itself says a lot when you think about it. The tourney is already a week-ish gone by and (cruel reality) says: Don't give any credit for anything prior to game vs USA. Haha.

As for yesterday...

His faceoffs yesterday were terrible. But...faceoffs aren't a detail that determine JR level hockey nearly to the extent they do in the NHL. Just look at how much "puck time" he had without winning faceoffs. It really didnt hurt him or the team.

Could we have done better if he won 90% of his draws? Sure. But its not his thing (yet). I think he will (someday) get there.

In the meantime...I still think RNH is the best player in the tournament. And I also insist he is carrying his line...and for the matter...the entire team

Folks...this team is honestly not that great. I mean...they're good. And they might win it. But...other than RNH the only player who really jumped out and took the bull by the nuts yesterday was the young fella' Mackinnon. (a couple times) Other than that...its pretty much a cluster-hump arrangement of half assed pressure and your typically average coaching provided via a Garth Brooks doppleganger.
This. A thousand times this. The "This is the best Canadian world junior team since 2004/2005," stuff is nonsense. Nugent-Hopkins and Mackinnon stand head and shoulders above the rest of the team from a skill perspective.

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