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12-31-2012, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Really have to say I'm disappointed in Canada's play against the US. Constantly undisciplined, taking penalty after penalty, and then with the game on the line on a PK they overcommit for an offensive chance and then of course get scored against on the ensuing US counter rush. Classic stupidity and Canada deserved to lose this game at several points.
With all our best players this is really the best we can do against the US?

Without Subban we lose this game 5-2. Unacceptable.
On discipline...I would disagree with you. I saw guys trying (hard) not to take PIMS.

But I agree...we prolly should have lost the game. Or at least went to OT.

The team was (mistakenly) built to grind/hit/intimidate. And they're realizing now...its not gonna be permitted by officials here.

A lot of our fwds. are near a liablity level. Good strong N.A. players. But useless as teats on a boar on the big ice playing the euro game.

Personally...If I were coaching this squad...and lets be honest...I should be...

Id play the **** out of RNH today and tell my grinders to go ahead and grind.

Screw the PIMS.

If we want to have the best chance to win this tournament we need to try and force the refs to allow us to play it old school style. Were not gonna win playing "euro-hockey".

And if they insist on calling PIMS...

Lean on the tendy to PK.

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