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12-31-2012, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post

C'mon it's Karlsson. Piss seems to follow that poor kid everywhere.

Originally Posted by The Waffler View Post
I bet I can piss farther than you.
Cool story bro.

Originally Posted by capitalsrock View Post
Lol I love how you quietly tried to sneak Lundqvist into that category of elite players. FUNNY.
Not sure if serious...

Originally Posted by Chacal667 View Post
Karlsson is great offensively but, he is very ordinary defensively, as a defenseman I think that's a big void.

Mike Green already had 2 season of 70 pts, do you value him better than Tavares ?
Not sure if serious x2...

Originally Posted by internetdotcom View Post
Dude, I'm not a Rangers fan, I'm a Sens fan, but without Lundqvist last year, the Rangers would have been golfing after the first round. Lundqvist is as elite as it gets for goalies. Just because he's not in his early 20s does not make him any less elite. The only goalie in the league I might take over Lundqvist, and its arguable, is Price, and that is because of age, not talent (they are pretty equivalent goalies IMO). I don't think I'd even take Rinne over Lundqvist.
Good to see Sens fans acknowledging Lundqvist's talent.

Originally Posted by Chacal667 View Post
you knew green was nominated for the norris few years ago ?
Really? Green isn't even in the same Stratosphere as Karlsson offensively and Karlsson has never had anyone the talent level of an Ovechkin to play with.

Green got points playing on a power play with Ovechkin in his 50-60 goal days. Karlsson IS the Sens power play. He's one of the best PP QB's the league has seen since Sergei Zubov and Brian Leetch, who were two of the best ever on the point.

Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
Are you forgetting Green and Lidstrom, who have combined for 4 seasons over 70 points since the lockout with Lidstrom reaching 80, and Green being on pace for over 82 in both his seasons?

Karlsson's offense was outstanding last season, but its not like he changed the game or anything.
He controlled the pace of the game. Lidstrom, while very good in his own zone and a solid contributor offensively for many years never controlled play like Karlsson did. They play 2 different styles of game. Karlsson of all defenders in the NHL had the greatest impact of any defenseman in the league last year while on ice. He controlled play in all 3 zones. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

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