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12-31-2012, 01:27 AM
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Didn't even bother to read past OP's offer, so I don't even care about 5 pages of bickering, but I need to point out: proposals that involve a team's under-25 franchise player don't work.

Doesn't even matter about value. Players like Tavares (especially on contracts like Tavares) don't get dealt unless they absolutely, 100% need to be dealt (player makes a trade demand and holds out, or sleeps with the owners wife, etc...). Silly to even speculate about. As much as I'd like the kid, Tavares is an Islander and will remain that way indefinitely. He's locked up to an Islanders-friendly contracts long-term, is the face of the franchise, is the main marketing piece, etc...

We'd need to include Karlsson in any proposal (with the Isles obviously adding), and since that sure as heck isn't happening from Ottawa's end, it's just not worth talking about.

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