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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
there's no way you're actually a bears fan if you think 1 playoff appearance in 6 years is acceptable. lovie made this bed by hiring incompetent people to run the side of the ball that he has no clue about. time to pay the piper. i have no clue why you think its relevant that his players like him if those guys aren't good enough to win.
Its not, but blaming the head coach for personel decisions thru the draft is just a bit obtuse when he used the cards he was dealt to the best of his abilities and had those same mediocre players playing over their respective heads in terms of skill level.

Cutler did as much as he could with what he had to deal with with no offensive line at all, and no confidence in any wide out not named Marshall, who had a career year, no, not because he is just that elite level good, but because Cutler had nobody else to throw to. Tice did all that he could with what he had, and just giving up on a, no obnoxious homerish aside, was a five win team going into this season, another system just to install yet another offensive system when Cutler has had what, four new systems to learn in his short tenure here just makes the situation look like somebody needs to blame somebody for a team that over achieved from the get go.

You want to blame somebody, you blame Angelo for stinking up the joint on draft day and leaving this franchise in a state of stale for allowing his stupidity/ ego to control a team that is already old and didnt have the clairvoiance to restock thru the draft with the best players availible and instead nursed his own, borderline reaches that amounted to absolutely nothing. Countless times during the draft there were moments where Angelo bit on somebody that every draft guru was scratching his head at the pick. Every single draft. Drafting Benson when he had a capable running back already and killing the locker room instead of trading down. Theres countless epic fails that fall under Angelo and Angelo only.

And this is the thing nobody sees, but next year, if Emery does nothing with the O-line, and does get a new OC, you all will be saying the exact same thing when the Bears bugger off worse then they already are considering the main cog of this team, the defense, is getting up there in age and you wont see a year from Peanut that you saw this year.

Emery fixed a couple holes last off season, give him time to try and fix the gaping hole that is the offensive line while those who are forced into playing, will play their hearts out for Lovie Smith.

Shhesh, I would imagine many here would throw out a lotto ticket that had five numbers only because it didnt have six and is still a winner.

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