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Originally Posted by Whale View Post
The hate here for Haydar Sterling and Ebbett must be from fans who haven't watched the wolves much this year. Haydar had a rough start, but the other two have consistently lead the way while Schroeder and Kassian have been pretty up and down in their play.

Haydar is second all time in scoring for the Wolves, Sterling is 4th, they have won a calder cup for them.

If our guys were PPG, then ok maybe they have earned it, but at this point those guys have a ton of seniority.

And it showed last night, the line that got us going in that game was not the Schroeder line, it was a two minute shift by the Haydar line.

Haha.... just watched the highlights, seriously.... makes the commentary here seem like it's from Mars
Orcatown and I have commented on almost every single game this year right in this very thread. This is probably, what, the 2nd time that you've shown up around here? I might disagree with him occasionally but your commentary is so far off base I don't think you have ever even watched the Wolves.

Haydar has been piss poor all year. And the line that mounted the comeback last night was most certainly the Kassian - Schroeder - Archibald line which provided the only 2 goals of the night. Meanwhile Haydar and Ebbett were absolutely pathetic last night. Hell, guess which line allowed the GWG last night?

There's no doubt that it's Kassian, Schroeder, and Sterling driving the play offensively for the Wolves all year long. Ebbett has mostly benefitted from cushy minutes and good linemates (Kassian, Sterling). Haydar I won't even comment on, anyone that has actually watched the Wolves knows how poor he has been.

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