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Originally Posted by kyle evs48 View Post
Is there a way someone can create lag for you? Because I just played a match where I lagged severely whenever I was in the box.
If the other guy lags (Which happens to me sometimes), your opponent lags as well. The only way he could do that is if he has a file downloading, pauses it when he has the ball, and resumes it when you have it. But for someone to do that, he must have no life

Made this beast silver team. Can't wait to get back home from vacations and try this.Fetfatzsidis (sp?) is a beast on FUT13...I'm also waiting for IF Walcott o place in my Barclays squad. Will also get Thiago Silva after Jan 7th when (Hopefully) he gets a TOTY Card, causing his regular card to drop. Once that Is done, I'll try to find a way to integrate Ramos and Casillias to it.

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