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12-31-2012, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by jammyrft View Post
I don't want to argue for the sake of arguing, believe me I'm a huge ZK fan but like I said just because he's got a couple helpers doesn't mean he's playing up to standards or "playing well"

I mean there's no excuse for not playing with an edge. There should be no reason why he can't throw at least 1 hit per shift. Hell even 1 hit every second shift. My point is its hard to score and put points up on the board, but it's easier to go out there and cause trouble, hit, intimidate, scrap every once in a while. At least come off the ice breathless and beat because you just skated our ass off your whole shift.

He just isn't doing ANY of those things
Oooof, are you ****ing kidding?
The NHL leader in hits last year recorded roughly one hit every 3.75 shifts. And that's a guy that is paying like 10min/game and not being looked at to generate offense.
Dustin Brown, second in the league in hits, generated one hit every 6.9something shifts.
Cal Clutterbuck, in third, was one every 5.95.

And yet Kassian is supposed to crank out a hit per shift, while also fighting and scoring? Geez - dial it back a little.

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