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12-31-2012, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
It's a legitimate topic for discussion considering its a widely talked about part of a new CBA. Obviously some names being bandied about for a buyout are kind of ridiculous, but I wouldn't consider Booth or Ballard off limits for discussion. I don't think either gets bought out but there is nothing wrong with discussing it.
There's legitimate discussion and then there is bashing. Canucks fans seem to partake in the latter way too frequently. Booth performed a second-line role on a President's Trophy winner last year, so to say he is "terrible" is objectively silly.

Even though that particular poster used the word terrible explicitly, anyone implying that Booth would be bought out is essentially saying that, and it simply isn't true. If we wanted to be rid of Booth, he would almost certainly have value in a trade, and I wouldn't advise doing so until we have an adequate replacement instead of pipe dreams.

To me, even Keith Ballard is an extreme longshot to be bought out. The only realistic buyout scenario I see would be if the CBA somehow makes Luongo's contract a punishment of sorts to the signing team and there is the potential for trouble down the road.

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