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12-31-2012, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Impact FC View Post
Carefull you will be eaten alive by some prestigious poster here (lol). I personally wouldnt say he had a bad tournament he did have 1 amazing game... other than that despite the ice time... he was so-so with so-so ice time (this gamebis something else tough from the ice time i have read) its non excuse at least those on the main board saying Housley was managing his ice time are pretty much... speachless or will most likely say he suck thats why he doesnt play.
I was talking about today despite the late goal AND the rest of the tournament that is coming. Not the past games though he could have been better. And it's more of a matter of others giving Housley more faith in them than him and his line. Instead of trying to mix it up, Housely will most definately keep the same lines. And Kuraly, Barber and him DO NOT WORK.

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