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Originally Posted by stevecanuck16 View Post
This thread is brutal, and your contributions especially so. Talk about your first world hockey problems. We should not buyout Booth because he contributes to our team and holds value as a hockey asset. Plain and simple. You've outlined why you might prefer someone else in a 2nd line role, and that's all well and good, but now you're parroting your opinion into something that it doesn't apply to.

Are you aware of what a buyout is? Are you aware of how drastic a measure it is? Take a look at the main board thread on the subject and see some of the names being thrown around there. Scott Gomez, Mike Komisarek, Rick Dipietro, and David Booth. One of these things is not like the other.

Also, although it's very plain you're trolling with your hunting comments, I thought I'd chime in since I am also quite against hunting, and would never personally do it. However, I am even more against pushing one's beliefs on another, which is what you're doing here. Explain to me why David Booth, or anyone for that matter, should conform to your personal idea of morality? Clearly, some people feel differently on the matter. Would you not be upset if Booth expected you to conform to his religious views? Your demonizing of him on this personal choice is literally no different, and this is coming from a vocal atheist.

Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way, I want to reiterate how shameful this thread is. I mean, someone suggested we buyout Alexandre Burrows, the heart and soul of our team. This, I think, is why Canucks fans are so hated, especially amongst our own. Canucks fans seem to *****, complain, and hurl vitriol at our players just as much as Leafs fans, and yet they've been out of the playoffs for almost a decade and we have won two straight President's Trophies and went on a Cup-final run. After sticking through the lean years, I feel pretty damn lucky to have watched this team over the past few years, but I see that sentiment isn't very common.

One day soon you'll all be looking back at this team with an awful lot of nostalgia.
oooh, I like you.

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