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12-31-2012, 06:48 AM
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I think if Edmonton and Bruins make a trade the OIlers would be interested in Boychuk after his NMC is somewhat lifted on Jan 15th or this summer.

Also i would understand that the Bs would likely need to land Yandle or another Dman before parting with Boychuk?

The Oilers could use another top 4 RHD who can handle PK minutes and play rugged. Boychuk has been a target of mine for a long time. With Petry and Justin Schultz it makes for a nice Right side. I might even be willing to send Petry in the deal ... as the top 4 have to be well balanced IMHO. If i got Boychuk... Petrys importance, when combined with J Schultz progression, really diminishes. Boychuk to me is everything i dont want Justin Schultz to have to be. Thats why he is the guy who makes the most sense to acquire IMHO.

If the Oilers could get Boychuk im pretty sure we can figure something out. I am not a big fan of Smyth but I would say he is a huge piece of leadership when we make it to the playoffs. He also signed for a reasonable amount, knowing he wont be a top 6 guy anymore.

Also i imagine the Oilers value for Petry is a bit higher than his cap hit. They gave up the RH premium in shipping Gilbert out for LHD N Schultz specifically because Petrys game has paralleled Gilberts and he shows more physicality and defensive awareness than Tom did. So Petry may not be as well known as other d-men but he is valuable to the oilers and western conference teams that see him.

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