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12-31-2012, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
There is no way the cap will be $60 in 2014-15. Revenue will go up and with it, the cap. Revenue would have to go up only 14% over two years to get back to a $70 cap. That is reasonable progress. Even a small revenue increase will bump things to $65 in two years.

Slats shouldnt make crazy moves. We are ok this year. If the cap is $65 next year, we will be ok then, too. And lets see what happens in 2014-15. If the cap is up to $70+, we will be able to kep all the long term assests and probably re-sign Gabby or acquire his replacement.

So long as the cap is over $66 in two years, we are ok.
The problem is this beacon.

When Bettman calls around and asks owners if they will accept a CBA, Dolan, Snider and co will say yes no matter what. We have known that all along.

It's the owners of other teams that are problematic. And for "those" owners, 60m cap is a dream scenario. For Det, Col and couple of teams like that, 60m is also a dream scenario.

When you want a majority to accept a CBA, those on the fence all want 60m cap much much much rather than a 65m cap.

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