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12-31-2012, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
16 contratcs if you include Savard. But I have removed him to get to $53.3M.

With a $60M cap letting Horton and Ferrence walk is nearly a given, unless some other big moves are made. If Rask gets $3.5M, which would be a significant win for the Bruins, they would have $3.2M left to fill 7 roster spots. The math does not work. Even if the cap is at $63M things would be tight.

Again, I am not suggesting that Boston or any other team will have to make masive changes, but I don't think a $60M cap is going to be achieved without some movement beyond a single buyout for some of the big spenders.
I didn't catch that. Thanks.

I think the Bruins probably promote 2-3 forwards and a D from Providence. Guys like Spooner and Knight have a salary of $870,000, Khokhlachev has a $925,000. I think it is almost assured that we see probably 2 of those guys in Boston for the 2013-2014 season. Nicklas Svedberg as a back up for $1 million unless khudobin was re-signed for around the same. Bartkowski and Trotman on D for under $1 million each so they probably need $4 million instead of the $3.2 you said they would have.

I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see Paille or Campbell or even both traded to free up an extra $1 million. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Krejci traded for a wing who makes $1 million less than he does enabling Seguin to move to center.

There is also the fact that we don't know how this CBA will work out. We may see all player contracts rolled back by a percentage and if that happens it changes everything.

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