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12-31-2012, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
That's a nice sediment but worthless in the NFL, doesn't matter how long your contract is your only as safe as your previous years record.

Sure Emery could give Lovie 3 years and say he is my guy, if the Bears go 7-9 or worse next year Lovie doesn't finish out that contract. Last year it looked like Jim Schwartz was the guy in Detroit, now his job is in jeopardy. 2 years ago if I told you Andy Reid would be fired later in the afternoon of the last game of the season you'd have called me an idiot and now look.

Lovie as with every coach is safe if he wins, this team hasn't done much of that lately and not matter the deal if this team doesn't go 9-7 or better Lovie is likely out of a job.
I think the point just wizzed right by you. Nobody is saying he would be guaranteed anything more than any other coach has in the NFL.

All I'm saying is if you commit to him, an assistant doesn't need to be worried he will be axed a year later any more than in any other situation he could take an assistant job at. Yes there is a risk for an assistant who takes the job - but if it's no more risk than any other job, then it becomes a non issue in regards to them coming here or not.

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