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12-31-2012, 07:39 AM
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I wonder if they'll put language in the CBA stating that a team can't re-sign the player they bought out for a certain period of time after buying him out--say, one year. Else I could see teams driving pickup trucks through that loophole by buying out their long-term players, and then re-signing them to shorter deals for much less money to avoid the recapture provision. For instance, if Buffalo bought out Ehrhoff after this year, paying him the remainder of what he's owed ($22m) for the tenure of his current deal, and they then re-signed him for 5yrs/$5m ($1m cap). Teams could then significantly reduce the overall cap hit given to their long-term contracts, and the players get a bit more money over the life of their deal in exchange for the organization removing the noose around its neck that will be those long-term deals.

Oh man, I can just see Bettman's face the first time one team did this and then several followed suit.

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