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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
Not a good idea to have 2 rookie D in the same year and Marincin and Musil are still a couple of years off. Keep N.Schultz around till the TDL to supply that veteran leadership, then trade him. You'll get a better bang for your buck at the TDL for N.Schultz. Dreaming to believe that Whitney is resign and I would rather have N.Schultz on my team then Whitney.

Outside Whitney and Smid there's not much experience with your proposed D, not that bright of a idea. You need some veteran leadership to school these kids along, at least for another year or 2.

Your line of thinking would only result in the Oilers finishing as another lottery pick team, or ruining some great prospect D.

Agree with the bolded

also would people learn hockey and realize we have 2 Schultz's and OP said specifically Nick Schultz. The guy who has been a good defensive Dman stuck in Minnesotas trap system and well respected and regarded by all knowledgable NHL followers. Also, some one mentioned Nick had a tough time adjusting to the Edmonton game? He wasnt on the ice for a goal against even strength in his first 4 games as an oiler...while playing 23 minutes a night on the second worst club, in front of Dubnyk who --if you believe the narrow knowledge casuals prevelant on this board-- is a seive.
He also did very well opening up his game to launch passes to streaking forwards in transition...hmmm just like he did in junior before the NHL Lemaire BS put his cork on any creativity.

Solid defensively and has good reads... will be a key piece to the future. Gave up a more offensively talented and more highly touted (top pair possible) player in Gilbert (premium RH shot to boot) to get the steadiness and reliability a young team needs. Contracts and everything else were identical. This team does not want the high end forwards being stifled wasting their energy trying to shut down plays and wasting their talents with nauseating boards plays to get pucks out. plays should be stopped and moved up with N Schultz like execution.Gilbert was moved for N Schultz because ending a play and all that necessary work the forwards would have to do defensively is more important than a couple extra goals from one defenseman who was being matched by Petry anyways. If Hall and Ebs and RNH, Yakupov, Hemsky and others spend less time chasing pucks and trying to help the D do their own jobs...than they will get 20 or so more goals out of the forwards and less injuries. UNAVAILABLE.

As far as Magnus, i dont see the oilers moving him. Its kind of like Outsiders and the casuals talking badly about Mika Zibanejad from OTT when really he is exactly what all the experts knew he was going to be and shown to be-- defensive and physical 3rd line forward with ability to pivot or power winger ...upside to 2nd line if his late showing of offensive ability can be developed further and adjust to the new culture and ice surface and coaching strategies.

Also people really have to start evaluating posters comments. there are a few people in here who bash players in a manner that doesnt really jive with intelligent logic. Remember their quotes, copy paste, and then evaluate if they deserve being ignored. just a suggestion to make experiences better on the board.

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