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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well with that result so far, you can bet Gally is now a member of the 4th line. Everybody is contributing but his line. Obviously, Housley would not think to give him guys like Trocheck, Lucia or anybody not named Barber and Kuraly.....Looks totally disinterested. If true, not the right attitude to have no matter if you are extremely right. Should I repeat...EXTREMELY right. Yet the end result is that in a short tournament like that, Housley will ride what works. And that's not his line.

But hey....this is the Habs we are talking about. Last time we had a star in this tournament was Subban. And yet, people loved to bash him anytime they could. Then Price....but most were saying that he had an incredibly strong team in front of him.
As I have posted previously, despite being frustrated, Galchenyuk hasn't resorted to becoming a [selfish] puckhog like other players (haven't seen the Svk game yet), which I think is significant. Also, he has contributed thus far pointwise more so than any other player. I don't see how hasn't shown to be a player "that works". Despite this, the coach seems to be waiting for ANY other player/line to contribute, waiting and waiting, and, no surprise, some players appear to break out against Svk while Gally's line flounders.

It's a good indicator that he was placed on a blackhole of a line when he can still somehow manage to get points with his whole line apparently being stapled to the bench, and getting more points than his linemates. I can sympathize with him being disinterested. What more is he supposed to do.

Edit: Just noticed that his linemates are 5th and 6th rounders. Not that those can't pan out, but... come on, really? The probability that they're as good as other first round players is pretty low.

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