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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post

Crosby is traditionally a slow starter. Maybe he scores at a higher PPG the more games he played. It's conjecture but given that Crosby was superior to Jagr in his first four years, why wouldn't he show the same increase in production that Jagr and most players show as they reach their prime.
Many players including Lindros, Bure, Ovechkin, even Malkin were better than Jagr in their first 4 seasons, none of them though reached or have yet to reach Jagr's level in his prime.

It's all nice and dandy to have a great first 4 seasons in the NHL (I notice some backtracking by you, first it was 7 seasons and then you realized that the 5th, 6th and 7th seasons Jagr took his game to another level so now you're using 4 seasons), but if you don't continue to play great or you don't take your game to another level then it's pretty much pointless. Jagr was a special player and that's why he took his game to another level; not everyone wins 5 Art Ross trophies (only Esposito has 5 and Howe and Lemieux have 6 while Gretzky had 9), so if you're expecting Crosby to win 5 or more Art Ross trophies then you have very lofty expectations for him, I hope you're right just for your own sake.

BTW did you ever consider the reason why Jagr had a slow start to his career was because first he played in an European league during a time when Communism still existed in Czechoslovakia, Jagr came to a country where he was home sick, didn't speak any English and played on a team full All-Stars and so icetime was limited for him? In fact in Jagr's first 2 seasons he was playing on the 3rd and 4th lines playing about 8-12 minutes a game and barely seeing any 2nd PP unit time.

Let's wait and see what Crosby does from now on. Does he shake off the concussion issues and take his game to another level? Or does he go down the Lindros, Karyia path?

We will just have to wait and see.

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