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12-31-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by toob View Post
Yeah... go and read the GDTs on the Lightning board to see what Tampa fans thought of Thomas. Goaltending was the difference in the ECF with Boston's being outstanding and Tampa's mostly sucking badly.

This is a good example of where stats dont tell the whole story. Except for game 1 and maybe game 4 where Purcell just started sniping to rally a comeback Thomas was excellent. So when he lets in 5 goals in game 2 including a couple of soft ones what needs to be remembered is how bad Boston's D was and how hard the Lightning came at Thomas for him to only shut the door in the 3rd period on great chances. Thomas's shutout in game 7 wasnt even that impressive as Boston's D got their game together and dominated the whole game while Roloson finally played great like he did earlier in the playoffs but the Lightning were flat.

Im not going to contradict you on the Montreal series (all i watched was the game where Thomas made that huge save in OT) but definitely will on the Tampa series. The finals just sealed the deal and yes Thomas let in dumbass goals in the finals as well including the one that was an easy save for Luongo but focusing on the bad goals is missing the overall point. For every bad goal Thomas let in it seemed like he made that incredible save on a sure goal.

On Bergeron i remember him killing Tampa centers on faceoffs in a game after he returned but other than that he was solid but wasnt outshining Thomas at all. At least what i remember thinking was that if Boston wins the Cup then Thomas has got the Conn Smythe locked down (later it became pretty much a lock even if they lost).
If Thomas had have played at the level he did in the finals, neither the Habs or Tampa series' would've gone past 4-5 games.

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