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Originally Posted by Sens Rule View Post
Brampton... or Mississauga are so freaking big that there are zillions of "White People" that could fill arenas for a junior team. Even if 70% of the population are new to the country or whatever. Just saying.

The thing with Toronto and it's suburbs are that Toronto is a Big City Place. Few people care about the minors or juniors or even the CFL. If you are a big you will get attendence and interest. The Jays drew 4 million fans a season in their World Series years and are doing terrible with sub 2 million attendence recently because they are just an average team. If their trades and moves succeed from the off season.. watch them literally double their attendence this season to over 3.5 million fans.

Why do small places like The Soo or Belleville do decent with OHL teams and HUGE population centres near Toronto not succeed in Junior? Because people want to see the biggest game in town.

Ottawa draws well for the 67's... and terrible for the regular Junior A teams spread around the city. While in Pembroke or Smiths Falls the Junior A teams have a big fan base... because they are the biggest games in town.

Markham or Mississauga do not have a local identitiy. They are just Toronto. You go farther outside the city where there is some local identity as a separate entity.. Like Oshawa and you have a successful franchise.

In Ottawa the 67's were the biggest game in town for like 25 years before the Senators. If you were to add a new OHL team to Ottawa it would fail miserably.
I think this is the most sensible post I've read in this thread - and I'm surprised that this thread is still going.

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