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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
If he wouldn't of put up the points, we would be hearing the reverse. Your assessment is surprising given your usual level headiness. He's been dominant on the PP, and on 5x5, he has received little support from linemates. Not sure what else he needs to do.
No. If he would not put up points, or like I mentioned 2 or 3 points less, he'd be at Scheifele's level...Who's bashing Scheifele? Yet, people, including myself, is bashing Huberdeau. Yet....both Scheifele and Huberdeau have the same number of points. Isn't that proof enough that points isn't everything? Geez, Huberdeau, a "vet", has been replaced by a rookie not even drafted.

No, at worst, there would be some mentions about Gally not being able to convert. But there would be mentions about him being everywhere. Being able to distribute the puck left and right, yet his weak teamates unable to convert. So you would have pros as well. Now, we mostly hide behind the fact that he's #2 in scoring. Which is a good feature...if it wasn't, I would be saying he's absolutely awful, which I am not doing. Hamilton has had a tough time too, really dissapointing and not necessarily 'cause he wasn't scoring but because he looked tentative defensively and he was counted on to be THE rock on D. Today, he scores...some will say he's then playing much better but guess what....he also is defensively. I guess that's what confidence does to you.

I also keep mentioning that it's not all HIS fault. I do say that. I keep saying how Housley can't mix his lines even if his life depended on it. That Gally would have deserved at least to see the likes of Trocheck (even when he was struggling), Lucia, Vesey, or whoever instead of awful Kuraly who's clearly Rico Fata part 2, and Barber. But Gally gets his PP time. PP time that he should have been able to use to get his confidence going. I mean, obviously Sweden is a much better team....but Collberg's goals on the PP has been a direct result of his great PP play and awareness. Gally even seems tentative there.

Anyway, again, not saying he's awful. Not saying he's not in the Habs top 6 plans anymore, just saying I'd wish I'd see him more. Just saying that I'd wish he would have been what Stepan or even our own Kristo was for the supposed future superstar D'Amigo. Most likely, while D'Amigo might become a future 3rd liner in the league, he won't be a scorer. Stepan and Kristo MADE him that. I would have loved to see Gally MAKE his linemates more important to that team. But I guess there are something you just can't do.

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