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12-31-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by BobloblawLeaf View Post
The KHL would absolutely love that. Say goodbye to all your favorite players. The NHL had revenues above 3 billion dollars last year, with 30 teams in it.

Say the 30 teams have 25 players on each team, that equates to about 750 players. If the average salary in your fictional league is $ 500,000 then only $ 375,000,000 ($ 375 million) of that 3 billion dollars would go to the players. That's only 12 % of total revenue, the owners would receive 88 % of total revenue. Obviously that's not fair; if I'm paying to watch a hockey game, I want to pay the people actually providing me with entertainment: the players.

I'm not a huge supporter of the players or anything; they're just as much to blame as the owners.
Was about to say this. Essentially if that happened the nhl would be like the cfl, 2nd to the nfl.

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