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12-31-2012, 11:01 AM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Too manynMontreal "fans" are faaar from rational or sane.

They've tried to run both Price and PK out of town because they didn't live up to "expectations." I have no doubt that no matter how good Gally will be or not be, there will be some people who expect him to be better than Gretzky and Lemieux combined or he'll be a bust. The sad part isn't that these crazies exist, it's how many of them there are!
True. Yet, tons of other fanbases are also doing it yet somehow we don't see it. And exagerations will not do anything good. Price had a tough time 'cause we got rid of a hometown hero who almost by himself gave us the best thrilled since 1993. Price was put in a position to succeed immediately, he has not done it, not entirely his fault but the end result and yet....nobody is asking for his head. Might happen if he doesn't do it soon and frankly he has to come up big in the upcoming years.

Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
I understand your disapointement but you can denied that for an 18yearold kid, he's done OK. I have watched all the US game and I would say him playing on the wing, he not that bad. Points are one thing but momentum is more important along with confidence. Aside form the PP, I have seen no more then 10 solide tape to tape pass from his line mate to him and that's in 4 games. Why was he not move to center his behond me but that's just me.
Strangely, I would have said more than OK. But my expectations, and again, I'M not solely pointing him for that, was to see more. He plays with awful linemates, Housley doesn't seem to be able to look past that and that's Housley's fault. But I thought that Gally had in him to make some of his teamates famous for the time of a World Juniors la D'Amigo.

Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
I'm just concerned that now that the likes of Trocheck and Gaudreau have scored 2 goals (in the game against Svk), Housley will use Gally's line as a 4th line that sees very little icetime despite Gally leading the team in pts. That would be a gigantic fail as a coach.

I can also imagine some posters on here sagely nodding their heads, writing that Gally hasn't shown much this tournament, is clearly frustrated/not the right attitude and he isn't deserving of better linemates or more icetime, "he'll need to be a lot better in the future because I'm just disappointed right now, thought he could put up pts with the right attitude, in any situation, with anyone, with any amount of icetime", ...
My point. Can't wait to see how he is used from now on.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
His center has been atrocious as Kuraly has done more harm than good. It is very difficult to produce at all as a winger when your center can't control the middle of the ice.

I find it funny how nobody can pin point what it is that Galchenyuk is specifically doing wrong. They just generalize and say that he needs to be better or he needs to go get the puck and take control. If you understand how the game is played when you are watching him, he simply hasn't had the opportunity to do anything because he is not being given the puck. The play hs been on the far side of the ice more often than not and his linemates aren't able to move the puck across to him. This ridiculous idea that he needs to take control of the game would only hold water if he was playing center where he can go get the puck regardless of which wing it is on. As it is he has to stay on his side of the ice and wait for the puck...........hard to look great when you don't have the puck.
But while he doesn't have the puck as he'd be playing center, he does have the puck. At one point, we can't pinpoint the great stats that he has, and say that he never gets it. He missed the net in quite a few occasions. Missed quite a few passes that seemed in the skates of his teamates. Had a couple of turnovers. Didn't win a whole lot of battles along the boards, didn't fight a whole lot to reach the open spaces to get the puck and so on. But did a good job with the talent level he has to deal with. A Noesen and Kerdiles on his wings with him as the centerman, the confidence is there, and I'm convince we see a different Gally with probably leading the tournament in points.

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