Thread: Proposal: Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel
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12-31-2012, 10:03 AM
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Proposals that include the proviso if superstar X signs with us... are just so frustrating to read.

I want to address the trade as is, first. Scheifele and some draft picks for Kessel. First off, Chevaldayoff jumps on this faster than a hungry lion on a three-legged gazelle. Kessel has not only hit 30+ goals in his entire tenure with Toronto, but he has done so on generally weak lines with a revolving door of linemates.

Scheifele has very limited NHL experience, and solid play in a U20 tournament is not a benchmark for NHL success. Scheifele will most likely be a decent NHL centreman one day, but he can hardly be considered a favourite ahead of Nazem Kadri on the Maple Leafs depth chart. And I don't mean that as a slight against either player, but Kadri is older and better prepared for NHL-level competition. Scheifele needs more time in the AHL.

The draft picks are not terribly helpful to a Leafs team that is preparing to make the jump from basement dweller to playoff challenger. They hold some value, but given that Kessel has only continued to improve from what his value was back when he was traded to the Leafs, extracting nothing more than the equivalent of the same value makes very little sense. Especially when there are even less variables with the Jets' current roster compared to the Leafs' roster at the time of the Kesssel trade.

Second of all, and this is the most important consideration for the "so long as Perry joins the team, Kessel is expendable", why on earth would Perry sign with Toronto if Kessel was getting traded. Perry is going to want to sign with a team that is ready to make a run for the Cup or at least be competing for the playoffs.

Kessel is an integral part of the Leafs team, whereas Scheifele is a prospect, and wouldn't be in the NHL this season, and possibly won't be next as he continues to develop.

Addressing the Leafs' need for a 1C will have to be met by trading assets from areas of strength, not from essential areas that have no realistic replacement option (i.e. signing a highly sought-after free agent when you stipulate making the team worse in the short as some sort of incentive to lure in the star player).

No from a Leafs POV.

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