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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
one thing about Bowman, many of his players went on to be coaches and admitted they used what they learned from him to win
Yeah, Bowman definitely knew what he was doing and his players respected that.

I was reading Larry Robinson's book recently (Robinson for the Defense, from 1988). He didn't like Bowman's mind games at all when he played for him. But he had a ton of respect for Bowman's ability, and after Bowman was gone all of the coaches that followed were compared to him and none could measure up. Claude Ruel was too close to the players, Bob Berry was too inflexible and reliant on outdated systems and couldn't run a practice well, Jean Perron didn't have a pro background and the players didn't respect him, etc. Robinson thought Lemaire was a very good coach, and while Lemaire was his own man with his own personality Robinson noticed quite a few things that he thought Jacques had learned from Bowman.

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