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12-31-2012, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
That's irrelevant to the argument. We are discussing the impact of the tournament on the scouts. Who cares what the players think of the tournament?
You apparently do since you think the tournament is for alterior purposes other than bringing together the best junior players all over the world. You then think that conclusions or information is basically useless based on bringing the best junior players together for a tournament. You seem to favor getting information and conclusions on players based off of larger sample sizes with diluted competition (despite knowing that the better competition awaits these players).

I just gave you a list of reasons why the tournament is what it is, which has more to do with just an assessment of players. The assessment of the players has little to do with the big picture of the tournament, as I have been arguing

Is what it is? It is what it is for certain parties and certain parties only. The players play the same way that they do anywhere else and that's all that matters. A good scout can make allowances for certain circumstances but they ultimately want to see how players react to a quicker, stronger, more skilled game which you discount incorrectly.

So, in other words, they cannot use this tournament to evaluate him as a player against high competition? What does that say about the tournament?
No they can if they give what is commonly refered to as "the benefit of the doubt". How has MacKinnon looked? Has his game changed against teams with better players? That's what they are looking for. And they are comparing to the same draft eligible players who are playing under the same set of circumstances that being increased competition.

And it's a very small piece, just like it's sample size.
I disagree. Better competition awaits in the NHL and knowing that these tournaments should be looked to as more important than memorial cup runs or any similar tournament. Regular season tells you nothing since players like Drouin are facing children and many children that wont even make pro.

You're view on a professional athlete is severely misguided. However, this has little to do with the argument at hand.
I disagree. I have played sports and know that I try my hardest every time.

Again, nothing to do with the argument at hand. I have said the tournament is just as important for various other things (see the list). You have taken that to mean what the players are after. This is wrong on a comprehension level.
That has nothing to do with how players perform and accordingly how scouts should view them.

They could host this tournament 5 times a year to make Pepsi money but the fact is these are usually the best players each country has to offer and they are going head to head both on the same team and against other teams.

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