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Originally Posted by Monaakko View Post
I don't think this team was that weak, certainly it looked that way against the czech and from time to time against sweden, but when they actually started playing hard they won puck battles and got to the net. Unfortunately they only played this way when trailing, so I wonder if that is a coaching choice or just the players themselves. What was more disturbing to me though was getting to loose pucks, which could indicate poor skating, but while they certainly weren't as good skaters as the swedes on average it didn't look that bad to me. I think it mostly was about lack of support and poor positioning. I don't remember how many times the swedes entered our zone and the d-man (was really impressed by how well Ristolainen did this) took the body just for another swede to grab the loose puck.
you really don't? at last time i checked there was midgets on the roster. they just were outplayed by strength, every position of the game. you know what is true on hockey, youre playing with skills only on premilinary/practice etc. until real games starts it's endurance, strength, hockey IQ and size which matters more..

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