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12-31-2012, 11:43 AM
Joe McGrath
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
But the players did anything BUT get bent over the last two times there's been a new CBA. The first lockout resulted in players making 2/3rds of all HRR, which led to the second lockout. That one led to a cap, record revenues, and the lowest entry level salary becoming the highest of the 4 major NA sports. Now I'm not saying that Fehr should have just let the owners run roughshod over the players in this new one obviously, but he's been obstructionist at best and has been using stall tactics since day one of his position as PA head. For something that should have been done by Thanksgiving if both sides had the intention of actually cooperating and negotiating in good faith, we're pushing MLK day. And given Fehr's history with the MLBPA and the tactics he's used here I have to conclude that he's the biggest problem here much as Jacobs is the biggest problem on the NHL side of things.
Ofcourse those two are the biggest problems. They're also the biggest egos. If those two (and others) lose a season over this measuring contest I'm going to be livid. If they get a deal done and save at least half a season, Fehr did his job IMO. If they go the whole year everyone screwed the pooch because the players aren't going to magically get a better deal next year.

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