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12-31-2012, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by RedRenegade View Post
Maybe Cousins could become our new Charles Oakley?

I didn't know about his triple double, that's impressive. He can pass though. I've seen him make a lot of nice passes to kick it out to the 3-line when he's doubled or there's nothing available down low. Are his off court issues really that bad? I know he's sort of got a bad&** tough guy look to him but I hadn't heard of anything specific happening away from the court.
Short answer, yes.

He's been a problem on the Kings since he started there. They've sent him home on the middle of road-trips, issued team suspensions for arguing with coaches, he's demanded (and been denied) trades, etc. etc. Not only that, he was initially considered for Team USA at the London Olympics, but was ultimately sent packing (largely due to his behavioural issues). Don't forget that Team USA was criticized for only having 1 true Center on the roster, and they sent Cousins away. Then of course there is his history of bone-headed on-court suspensions for throwing elbows and the like.

And that's just the public stuff. Who knows what else goes on in the dressing room.

I've said it before, but the change of scenery Cousins' needs is NOT going to be found in Toronto. The team leadership structure of the Raps is even worse than the Kings, and Cousins' would likely be held even LESS accountable for his actions. He needs a guy like Kevin Garnett to whip him into shape.

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