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12-31-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Any pickups you guys got around christmas time?

Picked up Dishonored, NCAA 13, black ops 2, and far cry 3.

Black ops 2 is bad but it's okay when you are playing with friends. The other day me and a few other posters were in a game where a guy went 1-26 in a game

Also, EA still has not fixed the NHL 13 rosters to let people use Grossmann on online versuse. Stuck with Kubina
It sucks cause Kubina is slow as ****. At least he has a monster slapshot, but I hate to keep having to switch the d pairings around before every game because Kubina - Pronger is a death sentence.

I got Far Cry 3 as well, mainly cause everyone was raving about it. Never played 1 or 2, but so far I don't like it too much. Hopefully it gets better, or maybe I was just expecting amazingness from what everyone else said

This is the first year I didn't pick up COD, and I'm so happy I didn't. Only thing worth a damn with that series anymore is the campaign (and zombies if you like it), so I just borrowed it off my brother and played campaign. So much better than wasting $60.

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