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Originally Posted by Preisst View Post
Thats all fair. The last thing I wanted to do was derail the thread from the 74 Summit Series but the context of the convo just sort of evolved into including the 72 series into the discussion.

I fully agree and appreciate your original post about 74 being the forgotten series. But hey, at least this thread is still going almost a full 4 years after it was started!

In retrospect I guess the term 'manning up' wasn't the best one I could have used but my point was that at some point a player/mans frustration will boil over and a reaction happens. When someone is getting jobbed over and over it's human to have emotions. Either that or one just bends over and takes it. The key here is how you state that both Don Chevrier and Howie Meeker exclaimed "in horror" at the stick work of both teams. Very seldom, if ever, do we hear about the dirty antics of the Soviets and it's always Canada that is portrayed as the bad guy. The reality is they weren't.
Please do understand I wasn't at all ticked off by the thread moving into a discussion of 72. That is quite natural - I just thought I;d bring it back to 74.

Craig Wallace

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